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Tecnomec Srl works in the automotive and commercial vehicle field since 1969. The skills achieved about cold metal stamping, bodywork and mechanical assembly of various components allow it to manage high volumes of mass production.

The core business is the processing of different types of metal, from a thickness of 0.6 mm up to a maximum of 8 mm. We develop the manufacturing of medium and large sized sheet metal components and modules, offering processes to satisfy specific and complex needs. With the help of a consolidated supply chain, we are able to provide products complete with heat treatments and ready for final assembly in the car.

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The company’s core business resides in the management of high production volume projects, through cold sheet metal forming. However, since 2020 we developed a new supply chain to quickly satisfy our customers ‘needs, without the use of complex equipment. The aim is to expand our offer following the development of new potential products from the prototype phase, remaining competitive in terms of timing and costs.

Innovation and flexibility distinguish Tecnomec’s Prototyping Department, which is a dynamic response to the company’s original focus on cold sheet metal forming for high-volume projects. Since 2020, we have expanded our supply network, ensuring timely responses to customer needs without depending on complex equipment. The main goal is to extend our range of services and manage the development of new potential products starting from the prototype phase. Made up of the Technical Office and other specialized departments, the Prototyping Department is committed to keep competitiveness, offering agile and cutting-edge solutions in terms of time and costs.

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