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2D Laser Department

Innovation and Precision at the Service of Your Production Needs.

Since 2020 we equipped our plant with a 2D Laser to meet the growing demands of the market, relating to prototype and low volume productions. The new department, initially alongside the bending department, allowed us to internalize a whole series of processes previously managed on behalf of sub suppliers. Since June 2023 we have purchased a second 2D Laser system, for which we’ll create a dedicated area to manage simultaneously the two machines.


25 mm


12 mm


10 mm

Our Equipment



Max dim. 3.000 x 1.500 mm
Source by laser: 5.200 arc. – 5.200 W

BYSTRONIC – Bytrans 3015

The excellence of laser cutting

The 2D Laser department gave new impulses and production possibilities to our company. The BYSTRONIC – ByTrans 3015 laser offers extremely high precision performance in cutting metal sheets. The versatility of the ByTrans 3015 is showed in its ability to work with a wide range of materials, including stainless steel, aluminium and light steels, guaranteeing great results on different thicknesses.

The strength of our department is the combination of advanced technology and automation. The ByTrans 3015 is equipped with an automated system that simplifies the loading and unloading of materials, reducing production times and maximizing overall operational efficiency. With this solution, we guarantee fast, precise and efficient production, meeting the highest quality demands in the laser cutting sector.

Our team

The provision of a new 2D laser system required new specialized skills; we initially formed internal staff, with dedicated classes, and then introduced new workers to grow in the department. Our operators are trained to program the machinery, optimize nesting while avoiding waste of material and manage production independently.