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For more than 50 years our expertise at the service of the automotive industry


We operate in the automotive and metal stamping
for over 50 years

  • Department


    From 2022 we increased our potentiality
    on new press bending machinery,
    managing the production of prototype
    and/or low rotation products with a
    dedicated department.

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    2D Laser

    In 2020 we installed a 2D Laser
    to meet the growing market demands
    about prototype and product
    with low production volumes.

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    R&D is the key of the
    Company philosophy; continuous efforts
    make constant improvements to
    production and allow it to remain
    competitive in a world of work
    increasingly specialized.

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    Tecnomec’s welding department
    represents the core of our
    precision and reliability. The company
    fleet includes pulsed arc welding
    machinesand anthropomorphic robots.

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    Il reparto di stampaggio di Tecnomec
    si pone all’
    avanguardia dell’innovazione,
    consolidando la nostra visione di investire
    nel futuro. 

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    L’officina è uno degli organi principali
    dell’azienda, parte integrante del
    processo produttivo.

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    Technical office

    Esperienza e competenza contraddistinguono
    il nostro ufficio tecnico. Lavoriamo su
    modelli 3D e disegni, cercando di trarre le
    soluzioni ottimali di realizzazione

In the heart of the Aosta Valley

Exploring New Horizons and Innovative Challenges

Thanks to a solid network of infrastructures and services that span the main European markets, Tecnomec srl is ready to cross national borders and leave a distinctive footprint on an international scale. Its strategic position allows easy access to key markets, with a particular dedication to Germany, France, Spain and Poland.

In addition to ensuring a consolidated presence in these countries, Tecnomec srl is constantly exploring new horizons and opportunities. Its flexibility and adaptability allow it to meet challenges and anticipate emerging trends, ensuring a solid and long-lasting partnership with customers and partners around the world.

News and Events

Stay updated with news, events and curiosities from the Tecnomec world and steel processing.

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