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Welding Department

Expert welders and cutting-edge technology for the quality of the industrial future.

The welding department is an integral part of Tecnomec’s production, as it allows us to expand the range of products offered. Alongside the stamping department, it guarantees continuity of the production flow, optimizing the management of times and costs.

Our equipment

  • N°5 Anthropomorphic robots (5 axes) for spot welding

  • N°1 Anthropomorphic robot for wire welding

  • N° 6 Spot welders for manual welding

  • N°3 manual wire welding stations

Precision Welding: the art of creating solidity

Tecnomec’s welding department represents the epicentre of our precision and reliability. Equipped with cutting-edge machinery such as pulsed arc and robotic welders, the department guarantees the creation of high-quality welding on different types of materials.

The expert hands of our welders combine with the precision of the machines, creating an ideal union to guarantee solidity and durability to our products. Welding thus becomes an art, where technology meets craftsmanship to create excellent results.

Our Team

In our welding department, we employ the most advanced quality control technologies to ensure that every joint meets the highest standards. The constant training of our team ensures continuous innovation and adaptation to new methodologies, guaranteeing compliance with the most rigorous industrial standards. We pride ourselves on our commitment to perfection, where the fusion of human skill and precision technology creates welded products that stand the test of time and the most demanding challenges.