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Toolshop Department

Tool shop department. Technical heart and production autonomy to meet the needs of the present and the future.

The tool shop is one of the main movers of the company, an integral part of the production process. The machinery equipment allows us to independently manage both the maintenance of the tools used in the stamping departments, both the punctual and scheduled interventions and or for extraordinary managements. In the same way it is possible to assist the activities for the production of prototypes and low-turnover series. The construction of complex equipment is managed through a consolidated supplier base, but our technicians are able to design and build small and medium-sized molds internally.

Our equipment

  • N°2 N.C. FIL Milling Machine
  • N°1 N.C. Sachman Milling machine T314 HS
  • N°2 N.C. AERRE Milling machine with automatic gear
  • N°1 N.C. High speed Milling machine with automatic gear
  • N°2 Electron machine (Wire)
  • N°1 Electron plunge machine
  • N°3 Tacchella grinding machine
  • N°1 Tangential feed N.C. grinding machine
  • N°1 1 Round grinding machine
  • N°1 N.C. Lathe
  • N°1 Lathe
  • N°8 Maintenance benches and assemble/disassembly equipment
  • N°1 Press for die try out

Technology, Maintenance and Innovation at 360 degrees

In the Tecnomec tool shop the synergy between advanced technology and artisanal skills translates into the autonomous management of the maintenance of the dies and equipment used in our production departments.

The versatility of the department also extends to the internal design and construction of medium-small sized dies, confirming our commitment to excellence in every phase of the production process.

Our team

People’s specialization in managing tool maintenance is essential to guarantee the continuity and high quality of the production process. The importance of the human component is reflected in the careful and dedication that our professionals invest, ensuring that each intervention is carried out with artisanal precision and attention to the detail. Their craftsmanship is the key to keep our production constantly updated.