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Technical Department

Guidance and creation of customized solutions tailored to excellence.

Experience and competence distinguish our technical office. We work on 3D models and drawings provided by our customers, trying to derive optimal manufacturing solutions. The objective is to propose technically competitive solutions, minimizing costs. While we use external suppliers to create the equipment, our technicians outline and manage the design process from the beginning of each new business.

Our Softwares

  • Visi CAD 

  • Visi CAM

  • Dassault Catia V5

  • Progecad

  • Autopol

  • Goelan CAM/EEF

The Innovative Core of Tecnomec’s Technical Office

With an approach guided by experience and competence, our technicians work on 3D models and drawings provided by customers, always seeking the optimal solutions for the realization of projects. Our goal is to propose technically competitive solutions, while keeping a careful eye on cost minimization. Thanks to the use of cutting-edge software, including Visi CAD, Visi CAM, Dassault Catia V5, Progecad, Autopol and Goelan CAM/EEF, our Technical Office guides and manages the entire design process, ensuring excellent results right from the start. start of every new job.

Our team

Tecnomec’s Technical Office stands out for the competence and experience of its team, a group of professionals dedicated to tailor-made design. In line with our philosophy, we invest in the continuous training of our staff, constantly enhancing their qualities and skills, thus ensuring continuous leadership in providing customized solutions of excellence.