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Bending Department

Expansion and Efficiency at the Heart of Production.

With a perspective of innovation and investment for the future, from 2022 we expanded the potential of our machinery dedicated to press bending, managing the production of prototype and low-rotation products with a dedicated department.

Macchinari in dotazione

PRIMA POWER eP-1030 Bending machine – 3000 mm – 100 TON

DENER Servo DDM Bending machine 3050 mm – 100 TON

DENER Servo DDM Bending machine 2050 mm – 50 TON

The strength of our department

At the heart of our production, Tecnomec’s bending department stands out for its excellence and precision, with cutting-edge machinery. The video offers a detailed look at the power and versatility of our press bending equipment. Production optimization and attention to detail clearly emerge; the bending department proves essential to precisely shape different materials.

Thanks to our constant focus on innovation and investment, the Tecnomec bending department has become crucial to keep us focused on the market trends.

Our Team

Each bending shows the art of expert hands that highlights the quality of our work. Our workers are the beating heart behind every fold, instilling passion and mastery in shaping the materials. Their expertise merges with the precision of our machines, creating a unique combination that transforms each project into a tailor-made work of art for our customers.