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Arnad, Tecnomec goes ahead with new investments and hiring

17 November 2023

It has passed the milestone of half a century of life and is looking to the future by focusing on the diversification of production. The Arnad-based Tecnomec company, which has been operating in the automotive field since 1969 with expertise in the cold working of metals, molding and construction of mechanical equipment, is growing. Seventy employees, of which 16 hired in the last eight months, plus 27 permanent temporary workers. The slowdown in the economy of Germany and France, reported by Confindustria, together with inflation and high rates, did not destabilize the Arnad company. «Our turnover amounts to around one million 300 thousand euros per month – say Giulio Vuillermoz, managing director with Mauro Patrucco – We export around 20 percent abroad, especially to Spain, France, Germany, Brazil. We probably feel less fickleness of the business because we are in a niche for industrial vehicles, trucks, bulldozers. The crisis hits much more the automotive sector». Vuillermoz stays cautious. «We are aware that if a giant customer like Iveco finds some crisis, the consequences would automatically fall on our company too. So, we thought about diversifying. We rented a new warehouse to make low series, less than 10,000 pieces per month, with a bending machine and 2D laser, while we generally produce from 10,000 to 100,000 pcs, made with stamping mold. Fewer pieces, but with higher added value for bulldozers, caterpillars and even for luxury cars, such as Ferrari». New investments are in progress. «In March we will purchase a new robotic welding island, with high technological complexity, costing 200,000 euros and we will hire more staff». Vuillermoz does not hide that the past few years have not been easy. «First the stops caused by the pandemic, then the increase in energy costs which had a big impact on a company like ours, large consumer of electricity. Now the very high interest rates are worrying. But we are not discouraged and we continue on the path we have taken». The closure of the Mont Blanc tunnel will have slow impact. «There will be some increase in costs – concludes Vuillermoz – but limited. Our trucks mainly go towards Pont-Saint-Martin to reach the Fréjus tunnel». For Tecnomec the watchwords are: production diversification, production increase, quality of products and cost containment.

Fonte: La Stampa 17/11/2023 di Daniela Giachino

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